Amos 9:13


Reflection: My Facebook friends know that I post a lot of Bach cantatas. I can’t help myself, because I find my faith reflected in each one of these pieces. Soloists, choir, and instrumentalists blend together without losing their individual voice. In one moment, they’re full of joy and brilliant praise, and in another, they’re gently despairing. God’s love shines through despite the worry and sadness the world delivers.

The Bible passages for this week underscore the limitations of our earthly lives, but also tell of God’s ability to surprise, inspire, and replace what we’ve lost. A Savior is born, a mute speaks, and prophets exalt God’s name. This chapter of Amos announces the restoration of David’s kingdom after the destruction of the sinful. The new kingdom is so bountiful, that barren lands produce sweet wine, and the people of Israel can’t keep up with the harvest.

The wonder of music is that it gives us hope for another fruitful season and takes us places where words can’t go. It speaks to our fears and weaknesses while celebrating the beauty of what God works in us. This Advent season, my prayer for all of you is that you revisit the music that reminds you of the love of God. It’s not hard to find.

Prayer: God of triumph and tragedy, help us to hear Your voice in the words and sounds of artists who inspire us. Open our hearts and minds to their love for You. Challenge us to turn that inspiration into a commitment to make our world a better place. Amen.

Kip Van Blarcom