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Announcements & Updates

Market Share

Market share cards are sold in the Narthex following the Sunday morning worship service. Cards are available for Giant, Oregon Dairy, Stauffer’s and Weis Markets.   All profits go to hunger relief locally and worldwide. Your card purchases by gift cards, purchased at a discount is our gift to hunger. Thank you for your support.

Updates on Hospital and Death Notifications

With the many changes in medical care due to changing hospital policies, please call
Highland to make the staff aware that you or a family members is at the
hospital. Each hospital operates differently, but most no longer contact
churches about members being patients. Call the church office and ask for Donna 717-569-2651. When a death occurs for a Highland member, it is our policy to contact the family to request a notification email blast be sent to the entire congregation. If the
family chooses not to give permission to us, then we do not send out the email notification. Funeral homes also no longer notify us that our members have died, so it is important for family members of the deceased to notify Highland of the death.

Veritas Preschool

Looking for a Preschool for your children or grandchildren in the future?  The Veritas Preschool at Highland is a wonderful Christian Preschool school right here on the Highland campus. Further, we have scholarships available for Highland members in need. If you are interested in learning more about our preschool, please contact our Preschool Director, Meghan Lake. Also, you may visit the Veritas website. Make sure to note that you are a Highland member when applying.


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