Luke 21:29-31,34


Reflection:  I didn’t realize it until I lived in San Diego for a few years, but the four seasons of the year are a real treasure (even winter!).  Not unlike the Christmas Star showing the way, seasons really foreshadow what is coming.  Each year I’m in awe at how our location on planet Earth in our galaxy has the same four seasons repeat themselves.

When Laura and I lived on the west coast, the lack of seasons kind of threw us off our rhythm and routines.  We had Thanksgiving at the beach one year.  Christmastime only felt like Christmastime because Starbucks had peppermint lattes and people in commercials wore scarves.  And the summer was, well, normal because we didn’t have kids yet to remind us that school was out.

Sometimes this caused me to feel a little lost or bored.  I’d lose my bearings a bit within the year and I’d even get upset at the beautiful weather as I drove an hour each way to work, unable to enjoy it.  The sameness of each day actually did kind of weigh me down more than I would’ve thought and caused some anxiety.

Like each of our seasons foreshadowing the next, take some time this Advent to appreciate that Christmas is coming and know that the kingdom of God is near.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the seasons you put into our environment and lives.  One prepares us for the next and we can even find joy in the cycles.  Be with us, please.  Protect us from anxieties and prepare us for your kingdom. Amen.

Pete Rothacker