A Christmas Journey

Welcome Boys and Girls and all who care to journey with us.  Get your walking shoes and sleeping bags.  We are going to journey to Bethlehem to see the baby who is “Christ, the Lord”.  The shepherds are in the field with their sheep and have invited us to spend the night with them.  The stars will be easily seen tonight, and we can look for the “Great Star” – “The Star of Bethlehem” – The one that shines light over the stable where the baby lies.  They say it’s a “great light” and is very bright.  We will easily be able to see it from our sleeping bags.  Come – the shepherds are waiting for us.  I think they have “snacks”, too!  Oh, boy!  We’ll be ready for that!

Almost there.  Take a water break, and we will head up the hillside. Well, we’re off.  Be careful, it is very slippery.  Just a little further now.  GREAT JOB.  You are wonderful!!!  Find a grassy spot and roll out your sleeping bag and get comfortable.  The shepherds are planning to come by with their sheep soon.  That will be a real treat.  There they come! They may have word about the ‘Christ Child.’ “Sir, can you tell us about the child in the stable under the Great Star?”  “Well, lady, we have not seen Him ourselves, but some say that He has come to save the world.  You will know when you see Him.  Have a great rest now.  See you in the morning.”  Well, kids, sleep well and don’t forget your prayers!

Arise and shine!  Ready yourselves for travel!!!  It will be fun going down the hill to Bethlehem.  We are almost there.  Are you excited to see this special little baby?  Well, gang, there is the bottom of the hill.  What do you think that this little baby will be like??  I wonder if He will look just like we did??  Little hands and fingers??  Tiny toes??  Let’s go and see!  We will be quiet and respectful now; I’m sure Mary and Joseph are very tired.

Hello, there, Mary and Joseph.  We have come a long way, and we would like very much to visit a few minutes and see your baby.  What is His name, Joseph?  “Jesus,” said Joseph.  That is a lovely name, Joseph.  He’s what???  “The Light of the World”, “The Savior”, “God’s Son” and God’s special gift to you.

Thank you for allowing us to visit and to see the Baby.  Well, children, it’s time to go, but know that you have been blessed with the greatest Christmas gift of all.  Better than a doll, a bike, a video game, a cell phone, a dog, cat, or anything else.  You are blessed with a Savior, God’s love, and eternal life with Jesus.  Merry Christmas!

Sue Esch, Deacon