Revelation 22:16

Morning Star

Reflection: Although this passage from Revelation is not one of the lectionary texts for the week, reading the story of the Magi in Matthew 2:1-6 led me to explore a bit about the use of the star image in the Bible. In the story of Abraham for example, God tells him that his descendants will be as many as the stars in heaven. But the image of the single star over Bethlehem marking the place where the baby Jesus lay is so familiar to all of us, seen in visual images of the Advent season and celebrated in song.

In the life of my family, Moravian stars have always held a special place. Although I’m not sure we ever had one of our own, we used to drive around the county looking at Christmas lights and having a contest as to who could spot the most Moravian stars that night. We often found more than 20 even on a short drive. Although these stars actually began life as a geometry exercise in Germany, for me, their spiky arms and soft glow say “Christmas” like few other things.

Likewise, one of my favorite Christmas carols is “We Three Kings”. It was written just up the road in Williamsport, PA in the 1850’s, and sings of the “Star of Wonder, Star of Light” and celebrates the birth of the Christ Child and the visitors from the East who came to see him and worship him.

Prayer: Jesus, bright morning star, be with us this Christmas, and “guide us to thy perfect Light”. Amen.


         Leigh S. Shuman, Elder