Luke 2:14


Reflection:  Music plays a great role in my life and from early in my childhood I sang hymns, played piano and sang in choirs.  Singing “Glory to God” was just what we did.  Music has the power to shift our feelings from joy to sorrow. It can bring us back to memories we forgot or spark emotions in us, taking us to sensational heights.  When I hear “Amazing Grace,” I remember my mother singing this to my son as a lullaby.  He always jokes that when he hears that hymn, he gets sleepy.   Songs elicit memories and connections to events, i.e.  “Eternal Father Strong to Save” makes me visualize scenes from JFK’s funeral.  Think about other examples of songs we danced to as teenagers, love songs with shared special meaning, or theme music that evokes the name of a TV show or movie.

Native and indigenous people have used the drumbeat for centuries to stir emotions.  Our brain can interpret vibrations as annoying booming rhythm sounds from a passing car or entertaining zinging vibrations of the Blue Man Group.  We are often moved to tears listening to orchestras, voices, children or bird songs.  Whether the song is from our great classical composers, pop music, country, jazz or just a child nursery song, God has given us music to enrich our lives.

Prayer:   Dear Lord, you have given us the gift of music to reach the depths of our souls.  Help us to remember that when we hear music that moves us that we should glory in the greatness and presence of the Lord.  Thank you for our Highland music program and for all those who help glorify Your Name in song.

“Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place, I can hear the brush of angel’s wings, I see glory on each face.  Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place.”  Amen.

Donna Benson, Elder