Legacy Giving


This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine!

Highland members have been helping to sustain our ministry for more than 60 years. Faithfully we have stoked our Light on the Hill by supporting our church and our local and global ministries through our generous gifts of time and treasure.  For this, we praise God and thank you for all you have done.

Your annual pledges and gifts have been the foundation of Highland’s sustenance. These revenue sources pay the salaries of our pastors and our other valued staff members. Annual giving also pays operational costs and structural maintenance. These gifts are the heart of our mission ministries, too, helping Highland transform lives here in Lancaster and around the world.

But Highland members have always heard—and answered—bolder calls of service. Much of this vital ministry has been supported by gifts that have outlived our members’ lifetimes. Today we ask you to consider joining the many Highlanders who wish to support this extraordinary ministry when they are no longer physically with us.

The Highland Fund is Highland’s main investment fund. The proceeds support and enable our ministries at Highland and allow us to maintain our beautiful facilities.

The funds comprising the Highland Fund include:

General Endowment Fund – proceeds enable Highland’s ministries

Building Endowment Fund – proceeds cover capital improvements not covered in the operating budget and are overseen by our Trustees


Keep Highland’s Light Shining

We all were called at some stage in our lives to become part of Highland’s ministries. We were summoned in different ways and for different purposes…a calling that has, no doubt, evolved over the years. We ask you to pause…think about how many ways Highland has been a part of your life…and how many ways you have been blessed. We then ask that you prayerfully consider how you have been blessed over the years by your church and how you can help sustain Highland ministries after God has called you home. Let your light shine for this and coming generations.


Legacy Gifts Outlive Our Lifetimes

Today we ask you to prayerfully consider helping to sustain Highland’s transformative ministries for future generations.


There are Many Ways to Give

We encourage you to explore the different ways that you can endow Highland’s bold ministries beyond your lifetime here on Earth. Here are some of the ways you might do so:

Cash Holdings – The simplest and most immediate form of making a legacy gift. This earmarks a portion of your money for Highland after you pass away.

In Kind Gifts – Gifts of stock, bonds, mutual funds and similar instruments offer special tax benefits to many donors.

Gifts Under Will – As easy as adding on a paragraph to a new will or a codicil to your current will.

Life Insurance or Retirement Accounts – Name Highland as the beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement policy, and the proceeds will be free of tax upon your passing.

Charitable Remainder Annuities or Unit Trusts – Provide lifetime income for yourself and other loved ones, potentially at a higher rate than trust assets might otherwise earn, followed by a gift to Highland after the end of the lives of the income beneficiaries.


Your financial advisor is certainly the one you’ll want to advise you on your options. We can provide you with a quick overview of the many ways you can give.  Questions about the program should go to Mike Nolt, Church Administrator.