The Story

The Story is the story of the Bible condensed into 31 topics. It allows the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible to read like a novel. Like any good story, The Story is filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption – and this story is true!

Highland began this biblical adventure on Sunday, August 29, will take a break during Advent and Christmas, and then complete The Story in May 2022. The Spiritual Nurture team has organized a varied schedule of small groups for study, discussion, and fellowship that will coincide with the weekly topics. Come discover with us – the God who speaks; the God who acts; the God who listens through our prayers and study of God’s Word – The Story.

Upcoming Sermon and Reading (Sept. 26): Chapter 5



Video Curriculum for Week 4

“The Story” Small Group Schedule: 2021/2022

Session Story chapters # weeks Dates Subjects
One 1-6 6 August 29 – October 3 Creation through death of Moses
Two 7-13 7 October 10 – November 21 Joshua, Ruth, Saul, David, Solomon
Break for Advent 7 November 28 – January 2  
Three 14-17 4 January 9-30 Kingdom falling apart (prophets & judges)
Four 18-21 4 February 6-27 Daniel, Esther, rebuilding the walls
Five 22-27 6 March 6 – April 17 (break March 20) Jesus
Break for Youth Sunday 1 April 24  
Six 28-31 4 May 1-22 Church & new creation


“The Story” Small Groups

THE STORY connects God’s Story with our own individual life stories. This exciting church-wide ministry for children, youth, and adults, begins August 29th with sermons, small group discussions, ten-minute zoom videos and devotions. Make sure to visit THE STORY sign-up table in the Narthex to join a small group and purchase a book for $5.00.

Sunday 10:45 AM | Highland Chapel coleaders Peter and Carol Schreck and Dee Dee Rabey

Sunday 10:45 AM | Highland Hudson Room with Cal and Nita Sue Kent

Sunday 4:00 PM | Highland Chapel with Leslie Aikens, Anne Montgomery assisted by Connie Towers

Tuesday  8 AM – 9 AM | Olde Hickory Grill  Men’s Breakfast Group with Will Massey

Tuesday 6:30 PM-7:30 PM | Highland Chapel with Robin LeCrone

Tuesday 7 PM | Zoom with Josh Witmer

Wednesday 7 PM |  Warwick Woodlands,  Hoelscher home  with Bob and Connie Hoelscher and Tom Whitworth

Thursday 1 PM | Brethren Village with Jack Sapper

Thursday 2:30 PM | Willow Valley with Betty Price and Marian Drain, assisted by Carole Turano and Jocelyn Pyett

Friday 10:30 AM | Highland Chapel with Barb Droz and Connie Towers