Small Groups

SMALL GROUP MINISTRY Small Group Ministry focuses on experiencing Christian caring in groups of 12 members or less through the use of Bible study, prayer, sharing, and service to others outside the group. There are Small Groups for people of all ages and interests at Highland. For more information, contact the church office at (717) 569-2651.

What Is Small Group Ministry?
Vitality, warmth, and excitement characterize Small Group Ministry. Small Groups provide a place of care and belonging, help build faithful disciples, and immerse group members and visitors in a joy-filled Christian community. Each Group is led by a trained leader who receives ongoing support and encouragement in his or her ministry.

A Small Group is a gathering of five to 12 people who meet regularly for the purpose of:

  • Mutual care and encouragement
  • Prayer and worship
  • Practical study that relates the Bible and its principles to everyday life
  • Service and outreach to others in need

What Happens In Small Groups?

Community Building
Warm relationships among group members help create a place to share joys, sorrows, and faith. Group members listen and support one another. They carry one another's burdens and encourage one another to follow Jesus.

Biblical Equipping...
is a focused way for group members to encounter the Bible and grow as Jesus' obedient disciples. Biblical Equipping helps group members hear and understand God's word more clearly, now and love God and others more deeply, and serve God more joyfully.

Prayer and Worship
Group members offer themselves to God, join themselves to God's purposes, and receive God's power. They respond to God's love with thanks and praise. They ask God's help for one another and for needs outside the group.

Mission of Small Groups
The mission of the Small Group Ministry at Highland is to help members experience the love of Christ in their daily lives through relationships developed in small group communities. This is the ultimate purpose of Small Group Ministry - to help each one of us to present - each in our own way - the love of Jesus Christ to one another.

Highland's Small Groups include opportunities for women, young singles or couples, other singles and couples, youth, and men.

For more information about Small Group Ministry, contact Ginny Kleppinger, (717) 569-1303.

Why do congregations need Small Group Ministry?
Research conducted by Stephen Ministries has consistently uncovered four needs that God calls Christian congregations to address:

  • Spiritual Growth - People truly hunger for the bread of life. They are not satisfied with easy answers. They want to know and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Community - Meaningful relationships are becoming harder and harder for people to develop. God works through Jesus Christ in building relationships that result in persons caring for one another and growing in discipleship.
  • Mutual Care - In an increasingly competitive, self-centered world, the Christian church is a haven of acceptance and care. Jesus said, "Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another." - John 13:34. That's just what people need.
  • Meaningful Ministry - People need a mission larger than themselves. Christian congregations can help people discover their gifts, find places where their gifts are needed, and support them in using their gifts. The result is fulfillment and joy.

Small Groups at Highland
Faith and Sharing (Women): Ginny Kleppinger;
Pathways to Joy (Women): Sylvia Wisehaupt;
Strivers (Young Families-Singles or Couples): church office (717) 569-2651
Tuesday in Eden (Singles or Couples): Linda Rice;
Weavers of the Faith (Women): Linda Rice;
Seeking God's Will (Women): Marge Herrmann
Seekers (Singles or Couples)                                                                                                                                                                   

Holy Huddle (Beta Group- Women): Mary Kay Hymes;

Men's Breakfast Groups

Men's Breakfast Groups
Men of all ages are welcome. The groups enjoy the fellowship of gathering weekly to discuss books and studies which help them grow in their faith and understanding of what is required to live a Christian life fully and faithfully. Normally, the sessions on Wednesday last for one hour. A hearty breakfast at each restaurant costs from $3 - $5. There is no need to call ahead to make a reservation. Just come to enjoy good food, fellowship, and discussion.

The Thursday group sometimes meets for a longer breakfast. Wednesday mornings at 7:00 a.m. at the Oregon Dairy, Oregon Pike, Manheim Township. The contact for the Wednesday group is Don Smith at 295-7274 or email:

The Thursday morning group meets at 7:00 a.m. at Bob Evans' Restaurant on Centerville Road, just south of Route 30. The contact for the Thursday group is Chris Walker at 239-0508 or email:

The men's Bible study group meets on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 a.m. at Oregon Dairy. The focus of the study is the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Men are encouraged to bring their Bibles. For more information, contact the church office at (717) 569-2651.