Matthew 25 in the PC(USA)

Mission: We are called to live out Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25 to serve our neighbors in need. The Matthew 25 Initiative focuses on tackling challenges of systemic racism and poverty both locally and globally. 

Matthew 25 Overview: The Matthew 25 initiative was created by the Presbyterian Mission Agency and seeks to encourage and equip PC USA churches across the country to be actively engaged in the world in tangible ways. The goal is for followers of Jesus of all ages to put feet to faith, hands to hope and legs to love. At Highland, we believe that we all have gifts and talents to share as we reach out to our community.  

The mission of Matthew 25 flows from the words of Jesus when he declared, “whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” Following these words, the Matthew 25 initiative invites individuals and congregations to act with boldness and compassion to serve those in need in their community, congregation, and in the world.  

Education and self-reflection play an important role in this process. Individuals and churches are encouraged to begin from a place of humility and listening before moving to informed action. This initial step is one of growing in awareness and will be our focus this Fall. 

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