Highland is a very active church in supporting the missions of God’s work throughout the world. Throughout the year teams of men and women respond to emergency cleanup, rebuilding requests, and a returning to damaged neighborhoods to continue rehabilitation.

Every July upwards to 100 Highland men, women, youth and children transform lives in Mars Hill, North Carolina while adults and teens alike travel to international work sites in Central and South America. Just last year, our mission team had a successful journey to El Salvador and enhancing our partnership with the Reformed Calvinist Church of El Salvador. There they worked side-by-side with the church and community in El Limon to help the people build rooms in the church dedicated to small business development. The team saw first hand the work of Highland-supported missionary, Kristi van Nostram who is a facilitator for the Joining Hands program in El Salvador, an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

New Inter-generational Mission Trip to Morgantown, West Virginia

This was previously known as the Mars Hill Mission trip. Next year July 19-24, 2020 we will be going to Morgantown, WV. Only 4 hours away from here. Our goal is go with 70 people between children, youth and adults to work on houses of low income families. We will be staying at West Virginia University and working with the Shack neighborhood house. Cost for adults and youth $250, children $200. Cost lower with fundraising events. Scholarships available upon request.

 Questions: noejuarez@highlandpc.org or Jim Eberle at: Ebtide86@gmail.com

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Mission Work Trip to Puerto Rico


Registration for the Fall Mission Work Trip to Puerto Rico has been extended to June 17.

Join the mission team to help with Hurricane Maria Recovery October 28-November 4, 2019.

The cost (less than $800.) covers airfare, travel in country and room & board. The exact cost will be determined after airline tickets are purchased.  Your $100 deposit and registration form are due Monday, June 17.

Registration forms are available at the welcome center/the office and on Highland’s website. For more information contact Larry Fowler at 717-203-1277 or lwfassoc@gmail.com.

Puerto Rico Trip Information

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Argentina Mission trip: March 6-13, 2020

Want to get away this winter?  Visit Argentina and Uruguay!  Highland’s Global Outreach Committee is sponsoring a trip for up to 12 people to go to Argentina and Uruguay.  The primary purpose of the trip is to celebrate the mission careers of PCUSA partners Dennis and Maribel Smith before their retirement at the end of 2020.  As the PCUSA regional liaison for South America, one of Dennis’ roles is to encourage mission partnerships between partners in the region and churches in the United States.  The ministries we’ll be visiting will be those of our historic ecumenical partners, the Reformed Churches of Argentina and the Evangelical Waldensian Church of Rio de la Plata in Uruguay.

The total estimated cost of the trip is $1,725, which includes all transportation as well as all food and lodging in Argentina and Uruguay.  Mid-March is the approach of the fall season in northern Argentina and Uruguay so escape the winter blues and join your fellow Highland members in a memorable trip to South America!  If you would like a registration form, or have any questions, please contact Ian Turner at 717-371-2764 or by email at ian@globeturner.com.  Registration forms, with a $500 deposit will be due to Highland by Friday, November 15th.

El Salvador Mission trip: Friday June 12-Friday June 19th, 2020.

We will be working with IRCES, Iglesia Reformada Calvinista de El Salvador, more specifically at Juan Calvino Christian School that is located in Soyapango. Highland has been supporting this school for many years and we are looking forward to being there again. We are always open for new people to join us. Any questions please connect with Ian Turner ian@globeturner.com or pastor Noe Juarez at: noejuarez@highlandpc.org