Nature’s Best Hope with Doug Tallamy


December 04, 2022 - December 04, 2022


500 E Roseville Road, Lancaster, 17601, PA, United States


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Our community can be the change for native plants and clean water! Join us for an inspiring presentation with Dr. Doug Tallamy to learn how.

Recent headlines about global insect declines and three billion fewer breeding birds in North America are a bleak reality check about how ineffective our current landscape designs have been at sustaining the plants and animals that sustain us. To create landscapes that enhance local ecosystems rather than degrade them, we must add the plant communities that sustain food webs, sequester carbon, maintain diverse native bee communities, and manage our watersheds. Native plants do all of these things better than plants from other continents. If we do this on our private properties, we can create Homegrown National Park, a network of viable habitats that will provide vital corridors connecting the natural areas that remain. This approach to conservation empowers everyone to play a significant role in the future of the natural world and thus our own future.

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