Bringing Jesus to Life Through Generosity

Bringing Jesus to Life Through Generosity

Highland’s generosity knows no bounds. We are always amazed by your willingness to give in times of emergencies and need. But did you know that even the smallest ways you can think to serve still generate a large impact? Highland is involved in nine mission organizations such as Power Packs, Crop Walk, Water Street Ministries, and more that specifically focus on combating hunger in Lancaster County. That is why our next series in our 2017 Bringing Jesus to Life will focus on Generosity.  For the next several weeks, you will learn more about these programs and organizations that we support and ways you can contribute.  It is the hope that we will arrive on Dedication Sunday, Nov. 19, and celebrate that we have been “generous on every occasion”. (2 Corinthians 9:11)

Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Roger Rabey said “Today we begin a new emphasis of annual theme of Bringing Jesus to Life through Generosity. Our planners saw a natural combination of our emphasis on mission in October and our emphasis on stewardship in November. Mission + Stewardship = Generosity.”

Generosity Sunday Schedule

Tuna Fish Sunday – Oct. 22

Reformation Sunday– Oct. 29

Missionary Sunday w. guest preacher Dennis Smith – Nov. 5

Stewardship Sunday – Nov. 12

Dedication Sunday – Nov. 19 (10 a.m. Combined Service)