The Senior Life Institute offers participants opportunities for lifelong learning, to expand cultural awareness and to grow relationships with God and each other.

The Institute is both for our congregation and for outreach to the general community offering programs featuring:

  • Relevant topics
  • Experts in their field
  • Experiential events
  • Opportunities for discussion and fellowship

Each Senior Life Institute program addresses a current topic or area of interest. There can be as many as four separate sessions in a program in which expert presenters provide in-depth and insightful viewpoints. The format might include lecture, panel discussion, and a trip, all designed to provide experience, participation, and learning. Each class is followed by a luncheon, allowing the participants to network and discuss what they are learning.

Senior Life Institute is back for a Fall Session presenting a look at Hinduism. In these four sessions, we will learn about the foundations of Hinduism, compare and contrast Hinduism and Christianity, discover how Hinduism is practiced in India and the West, take a virtual tour of a Hindu Temple, Experience Yoga postures, breathing techniques and more!



Thursday, Oct. 5 @ 10:00 am–1:30pm

 Chuck Stoner, retired Hempfield High School Non-Western World Cultures Teacher and Collector of Asian Art, will introduce us to the Hindu Religion by explaining, the origins of Hinduism, Hindu terms, Gods, Goals, Nirvana and Moksha

Thursday, October 19@10:00 am–1:30pm

Chuck Stoner returns for the first morning session to complete his session one topics.  In addition, he will provide clarity of understanding for difficult Hindu concepts.

Dr. Jeffery Long, Prof. of Religion and Asian Studies at Elizabethtown College, is a prolific author and popular lecturer of many Hindu topics.  During the second morning session, he will present on Vedanta, the differences and similarities of Christianity and Hinduism, and the importance of Diwali (the Hindu holiday celebrating victory of light over darkness)

Thursday, Nov.2 @10:00 am–1:30pm

 Dr. Jeffery Long returns for both morning sessions to present on the practice of Hinduism in India and the West.  Subtopics will include caste in India as a social system not connected to the Hindu religion, Dr. Long’s decision to convert to Hinduism after being raised in the Catholic faith, and Jainism (an ancient world religion originating in India with some similarities to the Hindu religion).

Thursday, Nov. 16 @10:00 am-1:30pm

Chuck Stoner, for a final presentation, shares his photographs of the Hindu – Jain Center, Wappingers Falls, NY in virtual tour form, along with commentary on Hindu Art and Architecture as it relates to the Center. Chuck’s personal collection of Hindu Art will be on display.

Ms. Julie Cramer, owner of Half Moon Yoga Studio, Elizabethtown, will provide an adapted, authentic yoga session for all participants to enjoy in their seat.  The Session will offer yoga in asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) chanting and meditation.

The cost is $50 for all four sessions or $15 for each individual session; all prices include lunch. To register, CLICK HERE to download the registration form and drop is off at the church office or mail to: Highland Presbyterian Church, 500 E. Roseville Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601. You can also register on Sunday mornings at the Senior Life Institute kiosk on Sunday mornings in the Narthex,  or stop by the church office. Payment must accompany your registrationDeadline is Thursday, Oct. 19. Download the full brochure HERE.

Previous Senior Life Institute Programs

Fall 2016 : Native Americans –  The study reflected on Native American music, dance, arts, artifacts, spirituality and culture…the impact of European Colonialism and the Doctrine of Discovery…a virtual tour of Indian Steps Museum…current day Native issues…a local Native focus as well as Native Americans of the North Eastern United States…Advocates for Native causes.      

Fall 2015: Buddhism – Learned about the origins of Buddhism, took a virtual tour of a Buddhist monastery, practiced meditations, compared and contrasted Buddhism and Christianity and saw a collection of Buddhist artifacts.                                                                                

Spring 2015: Faith and The Fight – Bus trip to Gettysburg featured a licensed battlefield guide and a visit to the Seminary Ridge Museum. The tour followed in the footsteps of chaplains and others serving the spiritual needs of the soldiers.                                                                             
Fall 2014: The Reformation – Protest-ants – featured speakers from Lutheran, Presbyterian, Moravian and Reformed traditions and a curator-led tour of the Presbyterian Historical Society, a tour of the historic sanctuaries of Old Pine Street Church and Christ Church in Philadelphia.

Spring 2014: Exploring the Anabaptist Faith – featured speakers from the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietistic Studies at Elizabethtown College and a tour of The Young Center.

Spring 2013: Exploring the Jewish Faith – featured a tour of a synagogue and a bus trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

Fall 2013: Exploring Islam – featured local Muslim leaders and educators, a trip to the United Nations Visitor Center, the National Islamic Cultural Center, and a Mosque.